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1.1 Arithmetic

1.2 Algebra

1.3 Geometry

Model Questions

Mathematics is subject that always requires practices to acquire the ability to understand and solve equations. So i always recommend you to practice questions in order to get through your EASA part 66 module 1. You should understand that time limit always applies for any format of a mathematics examination. As far as EASA modules are concerned fortunately question papers are set in MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) format. Therefore it is wiser to use the shortest method to find the answer considering the fact that the Answer is already given. In the meantime your answer should be Accurate.
We have posted video series below to for self studying purpose. This video series are complied EASA part 66 module 1 syllabus. We hope the viewers will find our webpage useful.


This playlist covers Basic Multiplication, Division, Fractions and Decimals Least Commomn Divisor, Greatest Common Divisor, Ratios and Averages, Percentages and Unit Conversion.


This playlist covers Simple Equation. Linear Equations, Exponents (square and square roots), Logarithms, Binary Numbers. Singnificant figures.


This playlist covers Angles, Triangles, Area and Parameter, Circles, Radius, Diameter, Circumference, Area of a Circle, Pythgorean Theory, Volume and Surface Area, Compass Construction, Trignometry.











Model Questions

Mathematics Questions